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Tug Boat

Permits Wanted

FULL PERMIT SERVICES: BUY, sell, renew, transfer, broker your federal fisheries permits. File no fish reports, vessel documentation, VMS activation. Expired permit solutions. (361) 356-1172

GROUPER IFQ's NEEDED 2015. Boat owner and operator in need of allocations. Interested in leasing all allocation species and will not pick and choose. Most in need of red snapper, tile, gag, red grouper, and deep water. Interested in purchasing your unused permits and boats. Joe (813) 335-2155

I BUY AND SELL South Atlantic snapper/ grouper, Gulf reef, red snapper, shark, sword, king mac, others. Dave (904) 708-0893, (904) 262-2869

SOUTH ATLANTIC SNAPPER / Grouper to lease or buy. (352) 205-5332