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Tug Boat

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Permits Wanted

FULL PERMIT SERVICES: Buy, sell, renew, transfer, broker your federal fisheries permits. File no fish reports, vessel documentation, VMS activation. Expired permit solutions. (361) 356-1172

GROUPER IFQ's NEEDED 2016. I am a boat owner and operator in need of allocations for this year, I would be interested in leasing all of your allocation species and will not pick and choose. I am however most in need of red snapper, gag, red grouper, and deep water. I also am interested in purchasing your unused permits and boats. Please give me a call, Joe (813) 335-2155

I BUY AND SELL South Atlantic snapper/ grouper, Gulf reef, red snapper, shark, sword, king mac, others. Dave (904) 708-0893, (904) 262-2869