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Tug Boat

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Miscellaneous For Sale

2 VERINALIFT DUAL Stage mufflers. 12 inch exhaust, new, never used. $1,200.00 each. (757) 287-4153

APPROXIMATELY 430 30’ to 40’ PS27.5 flat sheets. 23 King pile and 28 special T’s also available. Located in Great Falls, Montana. Asking $900.00/ton. E-mail Brian at

ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE Co., 750 Lockwood Drive, Houston, Texas 77020. We stock: Marine cable, armored or non-armored. Also: Battery cable, welding cable, and shore power cable. Please give us a try. Call (800) 231-2017, fax (713) 672-5151 E-mail:

PORTABLE FRAMING SQUARES. These are resistant to salt water corrosion. Packaged and ready to mail.