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Tug Boat

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DECK BARGES, CRANE/spud barges, material barges, quarters barge, inland and load line classed barges available. Sized from 90 x 30 x 7 to 300 x 100 x 18. Barges located in the Gulf Coast, Chesapeake Bay and East Coast, Florida. Any questions or request for quotes contact: Gulf Coast, John Williston (225) 216-7694. Chesapeake Bay, East Coast & Florida, Jeff York (757) 560-2553. See Cashman Equipment Corp. Website at:

DECK, SPUD, HOPPER, all size and types of barges available. More at: or call Raleigh at +1(504) 559-8414.

FOR SALE BY OWNER: Deck barges, spud barges, material barges, hopper barges; 60’ x 26’ to 300’ x 100’. ABS and inland barges. East Coast, Gulf Coast, upper rivers. (800) 227-4348.

SECTIONAL BARGES, Deck barges, dump scows, hopper barges and spud barges. From 10’ x 20’ to 85’ x 140’. Located on East Coast & NY Canal System. J-Way Leasing (440) 934-1020