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Tug Boat

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Barge For Sale Or Charter

120 x 55 x 7 SPUD BARGE with Amclyde 50 ton Gantry crane. For sale or charter, located in Quincy MA. Call Jeff at (757) 560-2553.

DECK BARGES, CRANE/spud barges, material barges, quarters barge, inland and load line classed barges available. Sized from 90 x 30 x 7 to 300 x 100 x 18. Barges located in the Gulf Coast, Chesapeake Bay and East Coast, Florida. Any questions or request for quotes contact: Gulf Coast, John Williston (225) 216-7694. Chesapeake Bay, East Coast & Florida, Jeff York (757) 560-2553. See Cashman Equipment Corp. Website at:

FOR SALE BY OWNER: Deck barges, spud barges, material barges, hopper barges; 60’ x 26’ to 300’ x 100’. ABS and inland barges. East Coast, Gulf Coast, upper rivers. (800) 227-4348.

SECTIONAL BARGES, Deck barges, dump scows, hopper barges and spud barges. From 10’ x 20’ to 85’ x 140’. Located on East Coast & NY Canal System. J-Way Leasing (440) 934-1020

TANK BARGE 195 x 35 x 12, clean, gas free, 3 compartment, 11,200 BBL double skin tank barge, self priming 8” Blackmer pump, steam coils, everything is in good working order, COI good until Sept 2019, next dry dock in 2019, just completed internal structural exam, engineers certificate shows this barge has lots of life left. This barge has stayed in fresh water and has been in the paraffin wax oil trade, its cargo tanks are well preserved, a strict painting/ maintenance schedule has preserved the exterior as well. Ready to work. Call Michael (270) 832-2712