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Miscellaneous For Sale

(2) VERINALIFT DUAL Stage Mufflers. 12 inch exhaust, new, never used. $1,200.00 each. (757) 287-4153

ALUMINUM CATAMARAN HULL . 36’x102” x37”. Built as an offshore prototype (truckable but incomplete). Hull is stepped with (5) watertight compartments and was stress relieved during fabrication. Ideal for conversion to work barge, center console, push boat or flotation. Call, text, or email for pics. Won’t last long at $9,750. Helmut Wilhelm (717) 554-2723

MISCELLANEOUS PIECES from 80' Shrimp Boat. 1271 engine w/ 514 Twin Disc 6:1. Keel cooled setup. Industrial front mount PTO clutch. (3) Drum fish winches. 5'6" diameter (4) blade propeller. 20'x4" stainless steel propeller shaft. Port holes & miscellaneous pieces. John (516) 527-4951

USED GM ENGINES For Sale. Used 671's, 8V71's, V12's, V16's, and used pumps & generators. Large or small starting @ $2,000. For pictures and specs & more marine misc. equipment, call (956) 943-2648 or visit our website: